Hop Farm 2008

Enjoying two days of superb weather, the organisers of other UK shows will be wondering just how the Hop Farm does it! The show this year again enjoyed blistering conditions and light winds making it a fine end to a summer show season that hasn’t seen the best of the elements this year.

Heavy rain did punctuate the weeks before the event so with the normal trade line muddy or water-logged, the tents were located in a separate field. Opinions varied as to the effect but in this scribes opinion it at least made movement easier behind what is often a very crowded showline. A big well done to the organising team. Photographs by David Ashby and Jon Sales.

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Where else will you see an inverted Lanc’?

Big jets were in abundance, this Hawk (one of a display pair) was a highlight for many

It was good to see Paul Heckles making a rare show appearance, he’s one of the very best flyers you’ll come across.

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His distinctive Cougar was another highlight.

Mike Williams was campaigning the new YT SU-29, looked pretty good to us.

Metal Mick did a great job keeping everyone in order on the flightline, er….not sure about the hair though Mick!

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Greg Veasey gets his distinctive Gee Bee racer ready….

….it looked great in the air.

A highlight, especially for younger spectators is the lunchtime buddy training hour. Plenty were waiting for their turn.

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The Reds didn’t hold back, the word ‘carnage’ was used to describe their Sunday mass-limbo escapade!

This lovely Spit’ graced the TJD Models warbird display…

….and here’s the team on the flight line.

One never gets tired of seeing a Bae Hawk

The full-size Tiger Club Turbulent display team made a welcome appearance.

Bombs away!

Dave Stevens’ new Panther looked as good as its predecessor

Ian Redshaw was campaigning this glider, an aero-tow launch ……

…..using this Cub got her aloft.

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