It’s RCM&E’s August 2014 issue preview



Water plane flying brings new challenges yet it's great fun and something you should try. Alex Whittaker recently popped along the M6 to see how the Windermere Waterplane Flyers go about doing it.


L-13 BLANIK – Andy Ellison gets a surprise from Black Horse’s new semi-scale glider

DX9 – Up close with Spektrum’s chatty radio

MZ-24 PT.1 – With more bling than you can shake a stick at, Graupner’s touch-screen radio system certainly looks the biz 

VALLEY VIEW RC40 – Brian Winch discovers a delightful compact twin

STARLET – This, another new Starlet from Graupner is just the right size for Liam Swarbrick


LOCKHEED VEGA – Lindsay Todd’s superb take on the charismatic golden era record-breaker. Check out the build blog!


SWITCH ON – All the latest news including some early pics from RCM&E’s summer fly-in and the PSSA’s Provost Mass Build meet

COUNTERPOINT – You can never have too many airframes

ALL WRITE – Go on, get it off your chest in the UK’s best-selling R/C flying mag!

GOING PLACES – Summer’s here, get out there!

MARKETPLACE – Find a new home for that unwanted gear with out FREE reader ads!


LAKELAND SPLASH-IN – Whittaker grabs his wellies and joins the Windermere wet set

BUILD-A-PLANE PT.3 – Balsa grades, hardware and undercarriage

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VIEW FROM ABOVE – Geoff Richardson shares his love for practical aerial photography

WHAT GOES UP – Speed, and the practical considerations faced by WW2 designers

FILL HER UP – Model got a ding? You need a good filler, Pete Lowe shares a few tips

AIRCRAFT DESCRIBED: Lockheed Vega – Dave Robert’s charts the life and times of Jack Northrop’s fast and efficient design

MODEL MAGIC – Steve Kasch's self-jigging Nieuport

COAT OF MANY COLOURS – Need a good colour scheme? Peter Miller shares a few style tips

YOUR TURN: SE5A – Paul Blakeborough grabs the Aerographics free flight kit and adds a drop of radio


MAKE IT SCALE – It doesn’t take too much to distract Danny Fenton from a good dose of planking

FLY ELECTRIC – Nigel Hawes delights in another new Tucano

WIZARD OF OZ – Cures for damp four-strokes!

WEEKENDERS – Whittaker makes a discovery with the potential to strike terror into the heart of the conscientious aeromodeller

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