Jeti Duplex MVario sensor

Jeti Duplex radio system users will be pleased to learn that the first batch of MVario sensors has arrived in the UK.

They’re tiny too, so lack of space shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to fitting in a model. The unit is designed to operate with Jeti’s Duplex 2.4GHz system and provides real-time data back to the Jeti Box screen – itself connected to the transmitter module. Others sensors already available can provide power system voltage, current draw, consumed battery capacity, temperature and rpm.

Plugging directly into any Duplex receiver, the MVario measures the rate of climb, rate of descent and the relative altitude. It records the maximum altitude, max rate of descent and max rate of climb too. The information can be transposed into an acoustic signal switchable (on/off) at the transmitter. The module is £49.50 from Puffin Models via or by calling 01454 228184.

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