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Jeti, the respected Czech manufacturer has just joined the frequency revolution by launching a 2.4GHz radio system called ‘Duplex’. The companies existing range of receivers and ESCs are held in high regard by modellers, so this new modular R/C system has been eagerly awaited, not least because it offers a number of ‘new generation’ features not found on existing 2.4GHz systems.

Duplex is modular and designed to fit most brands of radio including Futaba, Graupner, Multiplex, Hitec and JR. Four new twin aerial receivers are available each giving the option of being programmed independent of the transmitter via the multi-purpose Jetibox, in the same manner as the companies existing ‘Rex’ range of receivers.

Duplex also allows the use of two receivers in a model, so up to 16 channels can be accommodated. In operation the system selects five spare 2.4GHz channels, then uses two for flying while at the same time frequency hopping from the ‘5’ to replace any channel found to be suspect.

A number of new facilities are also available with the Duplex setup that have been previously unseen with 2.4GHz radio systems, this via optional modules that can be carried in the model. The MUI module, for example, will be of great interest to electric flyers as it will send real-time data to the ground based Jetibox (itself plugged into the Tx module) showing the model’s voltage, current, motor running time and the consumed capacity of the flight battery.

An MT sensor measures and relays temperature while the forthcoming MGPS module will monitor the GPS location of the model including the distance from the point of take-off, climb, descent, height and speed.

The 6-channel receiver and module in a Futaba transmitter. Note the socket on the module into which a Jetibox can be plugged to receive data from sensors in the model.

The Jetibox is the companies existing programming tool and can be used to programme Jeti ESCs and receivers while interacting with the new Duplex system too.  
Duplex looks very exciting (and affordable) and we’ll have a full review of the system in RCM&E soon, however in the meantime Duplex is now in stock and available at Puffin Models.

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