JR 11X Zero

The 11X must be one of the most radically styled transmitters to have appeared.

The folks at JR have broken the mould with their stunning new radio system. The sleek design is, to quote the press release, "heavily influenced by Japanese 'Gundam' model robots" and should be in the UK in the first quarter of 2010. 
The 11X Zero, to give it its full name, has 11 channels, 30 model memories and an SD card slot. The usual three model types selection is available for helicopter, aeroplane and glider and the 11X is compatible with all DSM2 receivers and supplied with either an RD921 or RD1221 receiver as a combo. Each combo includes 1500mAh transmitter and receiver packs, a bind plug and manual.  
The SD card facility will mean the TX can hold almost limitless numbers of model memories and allow data to be down loaded from a PC. 
A three-colour LED under the aerial declares the operating status of the TX – green shows the unit is in stand-by mode, blue indicates RF is on and red that the RF is off.
Programming will be familiar to current JR users employing, as it does, a combination of the rotary selector and four buttons alongside the back-lit display.
UK distributor, MacGregor Industries, has yet to announce pricing but "wouldn't expect it to be dramatically higher than the DSX-9".  
UPDATE 10/8/10
This system has been a long time in coming but has just been delivered to UK retailers.
I've had a couple of emails from those seeking to purchase this radio from Hong Kong where they tell me the sellers designate the radio as a DSMJ system. UK distributor MacGregor Industries say that DSMJ is a 2.4GHz standard for the Japanese market and not compatible with DSM2, the JR 2.4GHz standard sold here in the UK. 

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