JR Radio update

JR Radio update

The PCM12X

UK distributor MacGregor Industries have announced details of three new radio systems from JR that should appear over the coming months. First up is the new DSX9, the first genuine JR radio to be made available using 2.4GHz technology. Based on JR’s top selling PCM9XII, this new radio system retains all the programming features of its long established sibling but with the addition of spread spectrum processing. Final pricing details are still awaited but as a rough guide you should expect to pay a little more than you would for a PCM9X2. The DSX9 is currently undergoing full CE testing. This can take several months to complete, so a release date in February or March 2008 is estimated. Some readers may wonder why the version on sale in the U.S., the X9303 2.4 is not made available in the UK but it’s important to remember that U.S. sets are not legal to use in the UK as they exceed the stringent power limits set by OFCOM.

Hot on the heels of the DSX9 will be the launch of the new flagship JR PCM12X radio. Based on the same case as the PCM10X, this 12-channel unit will be available in both 35MHz and 2.4GHz versions although the 35MHz version will probably be the first to arrive. This set brings new features such as a back-lit screen, all new A-PCM processing in 35MHz mode, a PC interface, scroll bar menu selection and multi model type (aero, heli’ and glider). Again, CE testing points to March or April 2008 availability and note that the unit will not be mode changeable so make sure you buy a unit with the correct stick mode.

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The new DSX9

The new Ltd Edition ‘brown’ RCM9X2 – nice!

Finally and also due to arrive in 2008 is this eye catching special edition of the PCM9XII transmitter. In gold, with brown labelling and a new style back-lit screen, this set will certainly stand out at the flying field! The price should be the same as a standard 9X2. Why it looks almost too good to use!

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The systems can be reserved at your local JR dealer.

Click here to visit the Macgregor website for more information as it becomes available.

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