Lithium-Ion – the new cells on the block!

Lithium-Ion – the new cells on the block!

This is a three cell (3s) pack – the cells can be configured in any way

Supplied by BRC Hobbies they’re touted as Li-Po replacements and the packs of tomorrow. First, let me tell you what these cells purport to do…

-Up to 1000 cycles (10C)

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-They don’t use a Lithium compatible ESC

-They can discharge up to 25C

-Cell voltage is 3.3v, so a 3s pack is 9.9v

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-They can fast charge up to 3C (9.9v) in just 20 minutes

-They don’t have to be balanced as often as Li-Po’s – every 12-15 cycles

-Voltage is stated as increasing during discharge, power is maintained throughout the flight

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-They can be used in paralled up to 4600mAh

The 3s pack pictured weighs around 230g and measures 81mm long x 70mm wide and 27mm high. It has a working current of 20C (46 amps) a max current of 25C (57 amps) and a burst current of 50C (115 amps). The balance plug is JST-EHR.

We’ll be bringing a mini-review in RCM&E soon and in the meantime I’m going to be flying the pack pictured above to see how it fares. Check out the forum thread below in the meantime.

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See the BRC Hobbies website for more information.

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