The May 2009 issue preview


The May 2009 issue of RCM&E is on sale from 8th April.

It’s another packed issue containing the following reviews – 
  • Edge 540 – Seagull’s perfectly formed i.c. aerobat
  • Liberty 182 – The beautiful i.c. Cessna from Black Horse Models
  • EF2000 – Art-Tech’s Eurofighter on test
  • Wing Jet – World Models’ distinctive EDF flying wing
  • MIG-15 – JP say their new EDF jet should pass 100MPH with ease? We put the claim to the test
  • Wasabi – Andy Ellison finds true love with the distinctive slope aerobat
Our regular columnists are back with more news, views and opinion.
  • In Fly Electric, Nigel Hawes test flies a brace of new and very diverse models.
  • Pete Lowe is back with Totally Traditional and talks Top-Flite Spitfire, sheeting wings and Flair DVII’s. 
  • Alex Whittaker checks-out the new trainers arriving at the Kettle field in Weekenders
  • Brian Winch is back to examine some more piston stop scenarios and an unusual fuel tank in Wizard of Oz

The plan for this c/l Midget Mustang, Peter Miller’s latest design, is free with this issue

We’ve two great free plans this month.

Stunt Monkey – Julian Beckett’s versatile R/C aerobat is great indoors or out. 
Midget Mustang – Peter Miller goes fly-by-wire with this superb profile control-line aerobat – what do you mean you’ve never flown control-line!

  • Model Magic – Pat Cuss’ superb Bristol Bullet gets our attention
  • Show and tell – Alex Whittaker pops across to Wigan for the LMA’s season starter
  • Jeti Duplex – Scoop! We look at the new 2.4GHz system that offers data telemetry – it’s quite revolutionary!
  • Perfecting the Art – Martin Bedding explains the art of cross-wind flying in this excellent tutorial
  • Jet Thrust – Andy Ellison lights the fires and kicks off the new column charting his turbine adventures 

Julian Beckett’s Chris Foss inspired Stunt Monkey is our second free plan this month.

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