Multiplex M-Link 2.4GHz

Long awaited, the new M-Link 2.4GHz systems from Multiplex have just arrived in the UK. The mid-high end Royal Pro radios and modules arrived a few weeks ago and the upgraded 2.4GHz Cockpit SX (pictured) has just joined them.

The Cockpit SX 2.4GHz then is largely unchanged from the 35MHz version although the number of model memories increases to 18 and, for a limited period, the Tx/RX combo package includes an extra 7-channel receiver free, so two receivers for the price of one. 

As a system, M-Link is very much 2nd generation 2.4GHz and offers data telemetry as a feature with information being sent back to the transmitter LCD screen from sensor/s in the model. 

The special offer combo package is around £289 and initial impressions are very good with a build quality we’ve come to expect from the company. Look out for a full review of the Cockpit SX 2.4GHz soon in RCM&E.

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