Multiplex product recall


We’ve received news of a product recall from Multiplex, the press release reads as follows –

“The brand name MULTIPLEX for 50 years has stood for high quality, innovative radio-gear for model purposes. Quality, reliability and functionality were and still are MULTIPLEX standards.

As a result of this philosophy and in conjunction with our quality control management, it has been found that several transmitters in the ROYALevo and COCKPIT SX series have suffered severe failures when being operated under unfavourable conditions, and these failures were caused by a few components being of unreliable quality.


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This could, in rare and extreme cases, result in a total functionality loss of the transmitter and therefore a loss of control of the model (aircraft).

Effected are ROYAL evo and COCKPIT SX radios which were delivered or bought between 01.01.2007 and mid of May 2008.

Not affected are radios which were delivered since end of May 2008. These radios are marked “MPX 08/05 (Year/Month).


Due to safety reasons, we have decided to ask you to return the radios immediately, directly to the address below so they can be checked and overhauled. Please do not use them until they have been overhauled. We will return your radios as soon as possible.

Update 18/6/08 – New UK address for returns advised by Multiplex –

Michael Ridley, C/O Mainly Planes ‘N’ Trains, 6 Ashdown Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO 53 5RD.

  • Tel. 07708 436163
  • email – [email protected]

    Please mark your parcel with “RECALL ROYAL evo/COCKPIT SX”, so we can identify the radios on arrival to receive preferential service and overhaul.

    As compensation for all the trouble we will perform a free service check (worth 40,- ) for all radios which are sent in to be overhauled.

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