The Nats 2009


I hope you enjoy this little photo selection, we’ll a full report in RCM&E very soon.  


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Coats in August? Must be the Nats! The F3A  judges brave the elements!


  Starting a round on the F3A line – you can see the IMAC flying area in the background. Difficult for spectators to get to, the IMAC finals transferred to the Showline on Monday but everyone would prefer to see the competition moved to the main runway for the entire weekend.


A typical F3 model. The mix of electric to i.c. was about 40/60 and the standard of flying quite superb.


Overall Top Gun winners were team Bishop (Matt and Steve) with the sycronised Hawk display – quite honestly one of the finest displays this writer has seen. The co-ordination of the models (including a typical Red Arrows separation and opposing runs) was simply sublime.

  Trade feedback was positive with many reporting a good weekend, some better than 2008.

Mike Booth’s PR.9 Spitfire was placed 2nd in WW2 warbird (Top Gun).

This how electric Fun Fly machines cool their ESC’s.

Gathering clouds hint at rain to come on the Fun Fly line but happily the weekend was largely dry with just a small shower late on Sunday afternoon.

  You’ll forgive this little bit of flag waving but it was great to chat to so many readers and members at our stand. It was a lot busier than this, honest!

  Fun Flyers fly very close so safety is a consideration. The wind made life………

…….quite interesting at times!

  Shane Marshall, 13 years old, impressed everyone on the display line. 

The Top Gun judges in mid-deliberation. 


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