New DIY series from Silverlit

Pic , Pic , Based on their best selling X-twin range, this new series of profile DIY models from Silverlit would at first glance appear to be nothing but a simple sideline alternative. We would have agreed had we not built and flown the little pusher biplane you see below. The kits are supplied with everything required to build and fly – tiny motors, R/C units and a little Li-Po battery along with the profile airframe and transmitter/charger. The assembly process is simple and the instructions are very good. The DIY range extends across five models, the top of the range four-engined bomber being naturally the most impressive of the bunch.

I can’t think of a better model for dads/mums and sons/daughters to assemble together but here’s the thing – there just has to be some scope for enthusiasts who want to transfer the running-gear into models that cut more of a dash than the profile airframe.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the biplane we’ve tested which has flown superbly without tweaks or adjustment – better than an X-twin and with the 27MHz frequency providing full control within a small sports hall – we’ve been very very impressed.

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The range is priced between £25 and £40 and available from Flying Toys Ltd via all good model shops. Click here to visit the Flying Toys website for more information.

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