New EDF jets from Top Gun


Top Gun have just launched two new EDF jets in their ‘Park Flite’ range. First up is this F5-E Tiger “Swiss”. This almost-ready-to-fly jet is very complete, the only additional items required are a 6-channel transmitter, receiver, and a lithium battery charger that can charge the included 4-cell 2200 mAh flight battery. Some easy assembly is required; one must glue the wings and tail onto the fuselage and install the control horns and pushrods to the pre-installed servos.

A set of retracts are included and the main gear must be screwed into the wings and connected to the pre-installed retract servos. The steerable/retractable nose gear is pre-installed. The airplane includes 8 pre-installed servos, a 70mm ducted fan unit with outrunner brushless motor, a 40amp ESC, a 4 cell 2200 mAh Li-Po battery pack, retractable landing gear and assorted hardware.

UK distributor CML tell us that the jet has plenty of power to take off from a smooth surface or runway. The speed range is moderate with very good manners, she’s difficult to stall and the jet will slow to a crawl and still maintain full control.


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The model is for 6 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator (1), Rudder (1), Nose-wheel steering (1), Retracts (3 servos) and Throttle (0).


  • UK distributor: CML Distribution.
  • Length: 1300mm
  • Wing Span: 775mm
  • Ready-to-fly weight: 950g
  • RRP: £169.99, available end of July



    Next is this F-18 “Blue Angels” ducted fan Jet that’s pre-painted in the “Blue Angels” blue and yellow. CML tell us that it flies like a much larger jet and handles the wind well. The Ready-to-Fly (RTF) version comes complete with everything you need including a 35 MHz transmitter, 6-channel receiver, ducted fan unit, brushless motor, 25 amp brushless speed controller, and a 1300 mAh Li-Po battery pack.


    The Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) version comes with everything listed above except the transmitter and 6-channel receiver. The jet has steerable nose-gear and all electronics come pre-installed, no soldering required.

    The assembly takes about an hour; you connect the wings, tail and nose to the fuselage with epoxy glue, screw the fixed main landing gear to the fuselage, install the servo horns to the ailerons and elevator, and connect the control linkages.

    Both jets are recommended for intermediate to advanced pilots.


  • Length: 940mm
  • Wing Span: 711mm
  • Height: 247mm
  • Ready-to-fly weight: 560g
  • RRP: RTF – £139.99, ARTF (No TX/RX) – £119.99.

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