The new FlyCamOne Version 3

Unveiled earlier this year, the new version 3 of the FlyCamOne video/still camera system has just been released. V3 seems to complement rather than replace V2 and is firmly aimed at the potential First Person View (FPV) market. 

It’s a modular system with a clip-on screen and an optional 2.4GHz base station. FPV type glasses are to be released in due course meaning the system should offer an affordable entry into FPV flying, an area of the hobby that’s attracting growing interest.

Available through J.Perkins stockists, the basic camera is £99.99 and includes the clip-on screen. Again, the camera records to an SD card and power is from a built-in 500mAh Li-Po battery. Video is VGA quality while ‘still’ photos record at 1280 x 1024 pix (1.3MP). The J.Perkins website has more information and look out for a full review in RCM&E in due course.  

The camera measures 98x50x15mm…….

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A screen can be clipped on when the model returns so video and still-shots can be viewed straight away. The ‘non-screen’ clip-on cover acts as a base for the mount.    

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  The optional 2.4GHz base station transmitter (£79.99) means that real-time video footage can be received from the camera (in the model) …..

  … this.

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