New Force RC from Horizon Hobby


Launched this week, Force RC is an interesting new indoor fun flying concept from Horizon Hobby. We'll let the press release explain………

New from the innovative team at Horizon in the U.S. FORCE is a combat system for the R/C category that gives both novice and experienced pilots the opportunity to have an out of the box air-to-air and air-to-ground combat experience. The combat system is based on the new mCX2 helicopter platform that has been specially modified. 

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A new 5-channel transmitter incorporates a pair of fire buttons on it’s rear side making combat and heli control achievable even for novice pilots; the weaponry and hit targets are slung under the airframe in between the landing skids. Spektrum 2.4Ghz is utilised by the FORCE Helis so control is precise and there’s no worries with multiple helis flying at the same time.

The mCX2 platform provides the ideal vehicle for real time combat; highly manoeuvrable yet self-leveling and super stable. The controls have been tuned specifically to suit this type of application; responsive enough to manoeuvre quickly and yet not too sensitive to deny novice pilots easy enough control to battle each other. To aid those novices even further activating a new feature called SimpliFly reduces the pilots workload by limiting control to rotating left/right, forward/back, up/down and guns.

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One to one airborne dog fighting is the obvious choice but each heli can be assigned to a team so that groups of them can enact multiple heli combat scenarios. Each team member is able to hit and affect the member of another team, ‘friendly fire’ incidents however are avoided because weaponry is ineffective on members of the same team. One of two range settings can also be selected to handicap more experienced pilots and offer an advantage to novices.

Audio is also incorporated into the system, adding a little more realism to the whole idea of combat. Machine gun fire spills from the transmitter when squeezing the fire buttons and a hit on either another heli or a ground target results in the sound of an explosion. Visually too, flashing lights on the helis indicate both gunfire and register a hit. The first two hits on a heli result in it momentarily spinning around its axis, the third will result in it powering down and landing before momentarily re-setting and readying itself to become airborne again. 

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A ground target is also available. This can be used for ‘target practice’ but in addition can be set to accept hits only form a specified team. This way two targets can be used in conjunction with multiple helis in gameplay.

So Virtual Reality gets a run for its money with FORCE. Computer based simulators can entertain but remain two dimensional and always virtual. FORCE utilises the great mCX2 heli platform and brings real-time, real flying, indoor aerial combat to R/C.

Technical features

SimpliFly ™
The FORCE heli is a full five-channel heli, which means forward/back, side-to-side, left/right and up/down motion can be controlled as well as guns. But rookies can activate FORCE’s patent pending SimpliFly™ control mode which reduces pilot workload to left/right yaw, forward/back, up/down and guns. It’s a great deal easier and a great way to get in the fight right away if novices have never flown before.

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Team ID
With several helis in the air battles can be completely individual with everyone against each other, or split into teams. The systems can be configured with Team ID so that each team’s weapons have no effect on other members, avoiding ‘friendly fire’ incidents.

VDAS (Visual Damage Assessment System)
VDAS is the heli’s way of letting the pilot know how close he is to hitting the deck. On the first hit the heli will spin once; second hit it will spin once in each direction; third shot and he’s headed for terra firma as the heli loses power and spins continuously to a controlled landing. No worries, though. The heli will reset itself and be ready for more action in moments.

Adjustable Range Select
At full range the FORCE Battle Module will register hits from as far as 15 feet away. But if you’re fighting in a smaller theatre of battle, or maybe trying to level the battlefield between a novice and an experienced pilot, the range can be cut in half.

Type: Ultra-Micro Co-Axial Heli
Main Rotor Dia.: 190mm (7.5”)
Gross Weight: 28g (1.0 oz.)
Length: 200mm (7.9in)
Ready-to-Fly: Yes
Environment: Indoor
Skill—Building: Easy
Skill—Flying: Easy–Intermediate

RRP – £119.99 (per helicopter), base unit £12.50. 

So there you have it. Force RC sounds like fun so we'll be playing…er….rigourously testing the system over the coming weeks and tell you what we think in a future issue of RCM&E.


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