The new JR DSX-12


The new JR DSX-12 2.4GHz

Well, it’s here at last, the second JR 2.4GHz radio and by some way one of the most capable consumer radios that we’ve ever seen. It all comes at a price of course but let’s look at the spec’ first.

The new DSX-12 is available in 35MHz or 2.4GHz versions. It boasts an impressive 50 model memories, a PC link, stick mounted trims a large back-lit screen and 3 model types among the many other high-end features.

The ’12 then is very much aimed at those who demand the most from a radio flying models at the higher end of the spectrum.
The basic list of functions includes all the normal high-end computer radio features including 16 character model naming, servo monitor and test, programme mixing monitor, alarms and timers and PC data transfer. There are 5 glider and aeroplane flight modes with 6 for helicopter.

The price then? Well the 35MHz version is £1599.95 while the DSM2 2.4GHz version is £1899.95. 

You can see the full specifications at

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