New models from Silverlit and I-fly

The Silverlit and I-fly range of models have their place and whilst some flyers may not consider them to be ‘mainstream’ R/C models, there’s no denying that they fly well and are great fun – just right for a flying session in the office at lunch time or from the garden patio on warm summer evenings – we like them.

The Silverlit helicopters in particular have sold in the hundreds of thousands across the globe over the last couple of years and have served to provide an introduction to R/C flying for many newcommers, particularly youngsters – if you’ve a budding young flyer in the family then these models make a perfect introduction to the sport. Dave Rawlings at Flying Toys Ltd has kindly sent us some samples of the new releases for 2008 so cast your eyes downwards to see what’s on the way!

PicooZ Tandem Z-1 – perhaps one of the most keely awaited models, this Boeing Chinook in all but name is available in a number of civilian and a military colour schemes. It’s a 3-channel model, some 6.75″ long and boasting 10-minute flight times. We’ll have a mini-review in RCM&E very soon – £49.99.

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Micro PicooZ – Available in two versions, this Micro version of the popular helicopter is just 4.5″ in length. Weighing a paltry 7g, this 2-channel model should reward with 10-minute flight times. I like the transmitter case that houses the model, very neat! – £29.99 – £34.99.

PicooZ 3-channel – this new 3-channel version of the bestselling PicooZ boasts forward and reverse flight and a 5-10 minute duration. A new transmitter and re-designed body shape also feature – £34.99.

Vamp – ornithopters are ‘in’ this year and we’ve heard great things about this little machine, not least 30-minute flight times would you believe! The 10.5″ span bat is thoughfully supplied with a set of replacement wings – £34.99.

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