The new Multiplex Merlin

The first of Multiplex’ new releases for 2009 has just arrived in the form of the Merlin. It’s an extremely compact model and  ‘capable of the wildest aerobatic manouevers’ say the company. It’s true to say the model was born out of the Fox chuck glider which so many flyers have converted to R/C over the last few years although the design bears more than passing resemblance to the Blizzard too.     

Crisply moulded from Elapor (EPO) foam, first impressions are of a superbly engineered model that’s extremely compact and portable indeed, after construction, the wings and tail feathers can be removed and stored in the packaging which again adopts the companies, now standard, moulded protective cradle. Merlin can be built as a glider or for electric power and is reported to have docile handling characteristics with raised ailerons utilised as a landing aid. 

A Merlin ‘Tuning’ power set (pictured) is available which includes two sets of prop blades (7×4 and 8×5) so the model’s performance can be adjusted to taste. The motor included in the power-set is a Himax 2212-1180 brushless outrunner along with a 20-amp ESC, spinner, blade holder and prop driver. A 3S 450mAh Li-Po can be included with the power set and battery access is via a belly hatch. Look out for the RCM&E review soon.

Name – Merlin
Model type – Sport/slope
Manufactured by – Multiplex 
RRP – tba
Wingspan – 31″ (783mm)
Fuselage length – 23″ (598mm)
All-up weight – 8.5 – 10oz (240-290g)
Functions (servos) – Elevator (1), rudder (1), ailerons (2), throttle (via ESC)
Servos req’d – std micro