New Optic 5 radio from Hitec

Hitec's new Optic 5 radio is clearly an entry-level set designed to compete with units such as Spektrum's DX5e. 

It's 2.4GHz, 1024 bit resolution and similarly priced although the Optic comes with a Minima 6-channel receiver unlike the DX5e that's packaged with an AR500 5-channel job. While both can cope with elevon requirements, the Optic 5 seems to be slightly better featured as while the 5DXe provides fixed dual rates, the Optic nudges ahead with adjustable travel for elevator and aileron with the addition of a V-tail facility, which should please glider pilots seeking a simple second radio.

You don't get an LCD screen at this price level but the '5' is telemetry capable using Hitec's Navi wireless link facility that'll display real-time data on a laptop screen.

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The RRP is £89.99 at all good model shops.

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