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The new Futaba Field Force 10 (FF10) is just arriving on shop shelves and replaces the popular FF9 which was introduced in 2001. The FF10 is available in a modular form and supplied with a TM-10 2.4GHz module, a 14-channel R6014FS receiver and four S3152 standard digital servos. FF8 and 9 owners can transfer their existing 35MHz modules across as they can the CAMPAC memory chip to expand on the 15 built-in model memories.

Offering fixed wing, helicopter and three glider aircraft types, the transmitter is modes 1-4 compatible and has a large back-lit screen. We’re current playing with the FF10 on the test bench and our full review will be in the next (Sept) issue of RCM&E.

Meanwhile JR addicts now await the arrival of the new range topping PCM12X. This set uses the
same case as its forebear, the much-loved PCM10X although unlike the 10X this new set promises to be multi-model type, offering programming for both aeroplanes and helicopters from just one transmitter.


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Besides two extra channels, the 12X offers improved software, more model memories, a 2000 mAh Ni-Mh battery and better
stick units. Programming is via a scroll bar, using the same, familiar codes as the PCM10X.

Available later this year, the first sets will be offered on 2.4GHz using the same DSM2 technology from the DSX-9. Those JR users who are happy with their 35MHz set-ups will have to wait a bit longer but UK distributor MacGregor Industries hopes to be able to offer a conventional set quite soon after the DSM2 version.

Macgregors have told us that while some units have started to appear in the USA, they would caution against anyone jumping the gun and ‘grey importing’ any PCM12Xs as (like the DSX-9)JR’s U.S. specification DSM sets will not pass the required UK CE tests without a degree of internal modification and improved
screening. Therefore U.S. spec. sets are sure to be illegal to use within the UK. Macgregors feel that Graupner, the central European JR distributor, is likely to sell a different version of the radio using their own IFS technology too. More news when we have it.


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