The new SebArt Sebach 342 30E


  • 16/6/10 See user update below 
UK Sebart distributor and retailer Area51 Distribution
has just taken delivery of the world's first production batch of the new SebArt Sebach 342 30E.
It's the first new 30-size design we've seen from the company for a little while and so a very welcome addition to this range.   
Designed for 3D or precision flight and available in this stunning scheme or the familiar red, white and blue trim, the 52" (132cm) span model is for a Hacker A-30 10-XL outrunner and 55 amp ESC with power from a 2100-2450mAh 3S Li-Po battery. A 15×8 prop is recommended.
The company is renown for the superb quality of its ARTF models so we're sure the Sebach will follow form. They all fly exceedingly well too but then they're designed and developed by Italian Aerobatic Champion Sebastiano Silvestri, one the very best flyers (and nicest people) you could wish to meet.
Update – The motor specified by SebArt for this model (Hacker A-30 10L) has just been revised to the Hacker A-30 14L. An 800Kv A-30 14L with a 14×7 prop (500 watts peak) is now suggested. Look out for the RCM&E review very soon.    

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