The new Spear EDF jet from Ultrafly


The Ultrafly Spear EDF 69 is a new sleek high performance electric ducted fan aircraft designed for experienced pilots due to a potential 120mph top speed. The fuselage/fin/nacelle is supplied one piece, fully moulded from GRP with a generous battery bay to allow the use of larger battery packs.

The wings are a traditional built-up structure fully sheeted with ailerons top-hinged and covered to provide a sealed surface. A 69mm 5-blade ducted fan unit is included and suitable for various motor types and Kv ratings. Ultrafly recommend 3500Kv motor on a 4S Li-Po battery and 2400Kv on a 6s Li-Po battery. The kit is supplied with a 69mm fan unit but no motor or electrics.



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  • Wing Span: 100cm
  • Length:67cm
  • Wing Area: 17.02dm
  • Weight: 1000-1100g
  • Wing Loading: 61.69g/dm
  • Features
  • RRP £89.99
  • UK distributor: CML Distribution Ltd,
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