The new WFT 09 radio system from Jamara

The new WFT 09 radio system from Jamara

Unveiled at Nuremburg earlier this year, this new system from Jamara will shortly be arriving in the UK. It’s a 9-channel modular system designed for 35MHz (in the UK) and 2.4GHz. Jamara tell us that the 2.4GHz system is DSM2 based.

The WFT-09 is supplied with both modules and a 9-channel 35MHz PCM receiver along with a 7-channel 2.4GHz receiver, this latter item dispensing with an add-on satelite receiver unit. The transmitter is compatible with Futaba and JR receivers in PPM mode.

The metal-fronted transmitter features a ball-joint 35MHz aerial, quality main sticks and a back-lit LCD screen. The spec’ details are as follows –

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  • 10 model memories
  • 3 programmable timers
  • PPM or PCM modulation
  • Heli, glider and acro modes
  • Mixers for delta, crow, spoilers etc.
  • 90, 120 and 140-degree swash plate mixing
  • All mixers fully programmable
  • Assignable switches
  • Trainer function
  • Modes 1-4 compatible

    The expected UK RRP will be around £450 for the set.

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