November 2023


Time now to take a brief look at what we have lined up for you in the November issue of RCM&E, starting with our regular columns.

In his latest Retro Ramblings, Shaun Garrity finally gets his mouse vandalised Kwik Fly 3 back in the sky, plus he covers tachometers, home built radios and the Pontefract Retro event. Then it’s over to Graham Ashby and Kick The Tyres in which Graham covers another selection of club orientated affairs.

For this month’s centre fold Pro-Plan, Tony Nijhuis returns with the fourth EDF jet in his latest series of TN Mini Jets. The aircraft modelled by Tony this time is the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Our feature articles start with Make Better Landings; if you are having difficulty learning to land, Jeff Barringer offers advice to simplify the process. With the indoor flying season now upon us John Stennard looks at Al’s Indoor Autogyros, with drawings for some small rotary aircraft to quickly add to your indoor flying fleet. Then Nick Ward takes on the challenge to build a three-channel sports model – a Dave Robelen Pronto – in just over two weeks. Concluding this month’s features (and his articles), Stephen Wessel finishes his half scale ENV aero engine and sees it run successfully for the first time.

On test this month, Dave Goodenough clears his workbench to build a Brazilian beauty in the form of a curvy electric soarer named La Senorita. Finally, Shaun Garrity slots together a quick build XFly kit of the Alpha Jet light attack aircraft.

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