Nuremburg 2010


We reckon that Silverlit’s PicooZ heli’ is the best selling R/C model of all time, resplendent in its smart 2010 body, and remaining an infra-red vehicle, we also think a 2.4GHz version is long overdue. 


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EDF continues to see a huge amount of development and is now knocking on the (small) turbine door, so to speak. These beautiful retracts from EPF Hobby are a case in point.  

Hitec’s new waterproof servos may come in handy, perhaps if you’re planning on some float plane flying?

  Unveiled lasy year, hopefully we’ll be seeing Multiplex’s Funcopter in 2010, a Spring release is promised.

This pretty, EPO foam Extra 300 will be joining Horizon’s popular Parkzone range of RTF models. 

  A new model from E-flite, this 49″ span LR1a Pogo is a club pylon/sport aerobat machine for a Power 25 motor and a 4S 2500mAh Li-Po.  

  This unassuming little Aeronca is a new addition to Horizon’s Hobbyzone beginner’s range.

Parkzone’s popular Vapor will be soon be available in this ‘Night’ version complete with a pre-fitted lighting set.

Don’t you just love an aeroplane with character? Full marks to Seagull for this, their new Turbo Porter.  

There was very little new product in the aircraft line from Graupner but this pretty Elektro Rookie S was the exception and joins the companies EPO model range. 

  Fly Fly’s MB-339 EDF jet has just arrived in the UK courtesy Horizon and Ripmax.

  EDF again, this time in the form of this swing-wing F-14 from Art-Tech.

SebArt have a new distributor in the UK for 2010 so it’ll be nice to see the respected range more widely available. This is their new 30-size Sebach 342.


Looking like it’ll fly in some very small spaces, the Auto-kite joins Kyosho’s Minium range.  

…….which just seems to grow and grow.   

This is the upcoming 68″ span, 1.20 size WOT4 ARTF – The RRP is earmarked at £189.99.   

An increasing number of Black Horse models will have a sprung nose leg such as this new Angel.   

The B-25 on Robbe’s stand aroused a lot of interest. Full retracts, 11 servos, twin counter rotating motors and three-blade props. Century will distribute the pre-painted EPO foam model in the UK and the RRP will be £199.99.   

Like-wise this Sea Fury from REM. 

What Graupner lacked in new models they made up for with chargers and Graupner know how to do a good charger….. 

…or two…..  

….or three.    

This new electric version of the WOT4 should do well. Like the foam version behind, it’s 90% of the original, sized to accomodate and fly well using 3S Li-Pos. The battery hatch is on the fuselage underside just in front of the u/c.   

Telemetry is on the lips of every radio manufacturer. Here Multiplex demonstrate that their Royal Pro series can show up to 3 items of separate telemetry info at the same time (2 on the screen).   

Hitec will be releasing this dedicated 2.4GHz version of their Optic 6. 

E-flite’s new Sabre joins the BAe Hawk launched last year. Glass-fibre fus’ and built-up wings.   


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