Nuremburg 2013


Welcome to RCM&E's round up of extra pics to accompany the Nuremburg 2013's main show report that you'll find in the April issue.

In the toy crossover market, Silverlit were showing off their motion control units. Expect to see more R/C helicopters with i-device compatibility too. We'll take a normal Tx any day. 


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This sweet little 290mm span ultra micro Tiger Moth is on the way from J.Perkins Distribution. Cleverly, wing and strut retention employs magnets. 

Seagull have this 72" span Gipsy Moth touching down in May, it's for your 1.20 four-stroke engine.


Another from Seagull, this 80" span Cessna 152 also suits a 1.20 four-stroke.  

This ultra micro Waco bipe was also from J.Perkins. No details yet so expect a late 2013 release.  


Hangar 9's new 1.63m span warbird, this '109F-2 looks very fine in the flesh, the matt scheme will be appreciated by warbird fans.   


A tilt-rotor graced the Sky Rush stand. Impressive engineering.  


From Switzerland, Sky Rush offer machines with fine scale detail, a UK distributor is sought. 

SebArt have a 45" span foamy EDF Fiat G.91 on the way – scale cockpit detail, scale retracts, lights, flaps and a parachute brake too!

Dual Sky's new space saving shockie motor incorporates an ESC x-mount, neat eh? 

Quads, quads and more quads, they are quite literally everywhere! This was the Ripmax stand.

Hinting at things to come? A Chinese maker presented this Tx with a screen designed to show what the camera in the model is pointing at.    

The tray version of JR's new XG14 radio system. 

Another from SebArt, this 130" span Blanik has a scale cockpit, flaps, airbrakes and a tow release. Wing bags are included too

Designed to tow the Blanik or just for sport flying, SebArt's Robin spans 69" and offers flaps, nav lights and a tow release system of course.   

US giants Horizon and Hobbico had the largest stands the new Composite QQ Yak 54 2.6m graced Horizon's front porch.  

Hobbico are establishing their own 2.4GHz radio line so look out for the Tactic brand going forward.   

From Germany, Weatronix had this prototype Tx on show.

Xoar have some new props on the way notably a lightweight carbon electric line.

Hitec's sleek aluminium H4 charger offers 4 x 8 amp outputs while outputs can be paired too. Firmware updatable, a PC interface is also an option.   

Ondra Hacker's 2012 F5B winning machine used just one blade. He admitted that balancing it wasn't easy. 

Quite a machine eh? Someone asked if they were beer barrels, I think he was joking. 

Black Horse have a new line of fun fighter size electric warbirds, no retracts but most will probably dispense with the wheels anyway. Here's the Sea Fury….

…..and here's the obligatory Spitfire.  


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