Panther Autogyro


RCM&E's March 2013 issue free plan is Richard Harris' superb Panther autogyro – a model many will have seen flying at Greenacres and the Winterton autogyro fly-ins. Those who have will appreciate what a striking machine this is and, once airborne, it's easily within the flying abilities of an intermediate pilot.  

The plan and pt.1 of Richard's accompanying article will be followed by pt.2 in the April issue. Anyone with a little traditional building experience should find it a straightforward project and Richard has produced some accompanying .pdf sheets that builders can download:

  • A blade balancer
  • Dummy rotary engine plan
  • Plan for an easy-build head mechanism
  • Plan for the head plate

The model was designed for electric power although Andy Nash has fitted an i.c. engine to his (see forum thread link) so either power option is possible. See Richard's Panther build thread link below for photos and all the latest discussion.


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The March issue of RCM&E is on sale 8th February and a laser/cnc pack of parts for the model and head assembly will (all being well) be available from the Plans Service soon after. 

Click here to download the blade balancer plan pt.1

Click here to download the blade balancer plan pt.2
Click here for the blade plate plan
Click here for the head assembly plan


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