ParkZone Habu EDF Jet

ParkZone Habu EDF Jet

Arriving in November, Parkzones latest RTF model is Habu (the nickname given to the Lockheed SR-71), a 36″ span EDF jet, the first of its type for the brand. The model is pre-fitted with an E-flite BL15 3600Kv inrunner motor, 60-amp ESC and supplied with a 3200mAh 4S Li-Po battery (BNF).

It’ll be available in ‘Bind’n’ Fly’ and A ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ versions so existing Spektrum users or established flyers are accomodated with the PNP model requiring the addition of a receiver and flight battery, charger and transmitter.   

The model is made from Parkzone’s Z-foam or EPO so it’ll be rugged and the landing gear can be removed if preferred. She sure is pretty and you’ll find more info and pics here.


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