Phoenix Simulator


The new upgrade is free for existing Phoenix users.

The makers of the popular Phoenix Simulator have announced the exciting details of upgrade 2.5 that’ll be free for existing users. 

Full details are at the Phornix site here but along with new flying sites, aircraft and helicopters (including a WOT4 hurrah!) there will be a whole host of tweaks and improvements, new sounds, features, bug fixes, improved physics and graphic effects.

One of the simulators great selling points has been the on-line multiplayer facility giving users the ability to fly with others around the globe all from the comfort of their own armchairs. Boasting improved connection reliability, less lag and a new voice-chat and improved messaging facilities, 2.5’s on-line upgrades will be keenly awaited by users. 

A precise release date hasn’t been announced but we’ll bring more news just as soon we have it.


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