RCM&E 2006 Special Issue


We’ve just added the 2006 Special Issue to our digital archive which means that all the RCM&E Special Issues are now available for subscribers to view.  

Amongst others, the 116-page issue contains 8 tutorial articles and 6 reviews along with Tony Nijhuis’ plan build article for his 46″ span Spitfire. 

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  • Seagull Cessna trainer
  • Modeltech Fledgling (electric trainer) 
  • Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 30 charger
  • Hangar 9 F4U Corsair
  • Top Gun 1/3rd-scale Christen Eagle 
  • Petrol Primer – an introduction to petrol power by Alex Whittaker
  • Any old iron? – tried and tested soldering advice by Nigel Hawes
  • Servo selection – Steve Dorling looks at the options
  • In trim? – Andy Ellison’s excellent guide to trimming
  • Numbers game – John Emms looks at electric motor designations
  • Fuels paradise – Steve Dorling discusses fuel selection
  • Propping up – Andy Ellison looks at propeller selection
  • Fly Electric – Nigel Hawes pens his beginner’s guide to all things electric
Free Pro-plan feature 
  • Tony Nijhuis knocks up a practical Sunday morning Mk.IX 

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