RCM&E Autumn Special 2018 issue preview!

Free Pro-Plans

Cone of confusion

To accompany the plans for his evergreen Panther, Rich’ Harris joins Cali Munro to explain the appeal of the autogyro

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Dogfight duo

Tony Nijhuis recreates a pair of Korean war classics with this 26in, EDF-powered Mig-15 and F86 Sabre


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Hurricane hootenanny

Blowing hard: Alex Whittaker reports on a storming weekend of scale-soaring at the PSSA’s mass-build event

Model squadron

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First-person view: John Lancaster tells a behind-the-scenes story from C4’s recent RC re-enactment of the Battle of Britain

Warbird rescue

Ian Nash restores a Hangar 9 MkIX Spitfire before adding wear-and-tear weathering effects, and a touch of LED magic

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Airbrush basics

A quick recap’ of Alex’s class for beginners

Sympathy for the devil

The enfants terribles of the RC world or a new horizon of modelling and flying challenges? Wayne Andrews makes a case for drones

Elan 100

Simple pleasures: David Ashby reviews Cambrian Model’s soarer, an ‘80s design that has passed the test of time

Adding lightness

If you throw it in the air and it comes down again, it’s too heavy: Richard Crapp offers ways to achieve a state of enlightenedness

“If you ask me…”

In the virtual clubhouse of RCM&E’s reader surveys, Graham and David Ashby eavesdrop on the conversations about our hobby

Reap what you sow

Rebuilding Britain: the summer of ’18 brought drought for Team GB at the scale world championships. What now for UK F4 scale?

Mood indigo

If weather forecasts are horoscopes with numbers, then Alex Whittaker’s lucky number came up at this year’s free-flight scale nationals

By the rocket’s red glare…

Stripped for action: summer storms have dampened the blue touchpaper, but someone’s sporting a purple polka-dot bikini

Missing ingredient

Brian Winch searches for modelling’s missing material – stainless steel tube

Silver soldering basics

Revise the essentials of this handy technique

Next month

Graham Ashby returns to uncork another bottle of RCM&E, which includes the robust notes of Steve Rickett’s 75lb, 184in Boston III

Parting shot

Realism is a question of how well the model aircraft captures the character of the full-size aircraft

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