The RCM&E CNC range

If you're looking for a good trad' build project then why not consider one of the designs from the growing range of CNC kits from Sarik Hobbies.

A CNC pack contains all the CNC and laser-cut items that remove the hard work from a project – ribs, formers and all the other parts aside from sheet and strip. With additional wood packs available for many models, you have everthing you need to start a project.

Don't forget to check out the RCM&E plan builder's forum section – there's bound to be someone else building one!   

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The current range includes:

Whizzza – Nigel Hawes' classic 42" span easy-build sporster is now available in either i.c. or electric versions. The plan build article is here.

Super Slinky – Alex Whittaker's latest design, this sweet 38" span sportster is perfect whether electric or i.c. Check out the Slinky forum chat!

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Tucano – Nigel Hawes' classic and easy-build 45" span sportster, the model chosen for the 2013 Mass Build! Sandow – Peter Miller's 54" span vintage cruiser was the free plan in RCM&E's July 2012 issue. Debutante – Lindsay Todd's evocative pseudo 1930s airliner was the free RCM&E plan for May 2012, allows plenty of customisation opportunities and suits two and four-stroke engines. Check out Lindsay's build blog here. Speedtwin ST-2 – Tim Hooper's new twin is based on the rare British home build machine. Check out Tim's build blog here where you'll find other builds too. DH Vampire – Coming soon! The new design from Tony Nijhuis and his first for a (60-80 size) turbine. Tony's plan build feature articles can be found in the Aug and Sept 2012 issue of RCM&E. Harlequin – Peter Miller's retro style sportster was the free plan with RCM&E's March 2012 issue. You can chat with other Harlequin builders and see their models on the forum. Hawker Cygnet – Tim Hooper turns his attention to one of Sydney Camm's first designs – the evocative Cygnet. Don't check out Tim's Cygnet build blog! Clean Sweep – Tim Hooper's stunning, 47" span, racer inspired sportster is for electric power. Click here to see Tim's build blog. FW-190 – Tony Nijhuis' stunning new 2011 warbird. It's the FREE plan in RCM&E's 2011 Special Issue in which you'll find Tony's build article too. Mini Tyro – David Boddington's classic little sportster saw a revisit by son Andrew in RCM&E's November issue. This full kit includes laser-cut parts and makes an ideal first trad' build. Fournier RF-4 – Peter Miller's 74" span version of the classic motor glider suits a .30 two-stroke or equivalent. It was the free plan in RCM&E's July 2011 issue. Wittman Tailwind – Peter Miller's 48" span model perfectly recreates the character and fine flying traits associated with Steve Wittman's famous home-built. Check out the Tailwind build blogs on the forum! Pix-E Major – Tim Hooper's affectionate take on the classic Keil Kraft design. This 42" span machine is for inexpensive electric power systems. Why not check out Tim Hooper's build blog on the forum! Jitterbug – Alex Whittaker's low-wing trainer sport aerobat featured in the April 2011 issue. It's perfect for a .46 – .55 two-stroke, four-stroke or electric power. Fike Model E – Peter Miller's 40" span, semi-scale version of William Fike's characterful homebuilt design. Mini Jazz – Malcolm Corbin's classic pint-sized fun fly aerobat from 1997. Click here for the full build article and forum discussion links. Werewolf – Peter Miller's 52" span cartoon scale sport aerobat. Easy to build, Werewolf is perfect for a .32 – .40 two-stroke engine. The plan build article was published January 2008. Slingsby T31M – Catch some thermals with Peter Miller's attractive scale model of the unusual aircraft. The model weighs 5lbs, spans 86" and suits a .40 four-stroke engine. Evans Volksplane – An ideal first scale project, Peter Miller's easy-to-build 53" span low-winger is for .25 – .30 i.c. engines. Maricardo – The classic low-wing trainer aerobat is now a CNC kit! STOL 2 – Peter Russell's classic vintage style 'short take-off and landing' machine. Airspeed Courier – Tim Hooper's beautiful 56" span model of the classic early airliner. Mosquito – Rob Caso's new 36.5" span warbird for electric power, the free plan in the June 2011 issue of RCM&E. Hawker Hurricane – From Tony Nijhuis, this 62" span warbird is perfect for either electric or i.c. power (.61 four-stroke) and flies superbly. Lysander – Worried about the effect of those tapered wing tips? Fear not, Tony Nijhuis has turned his attention to the classic Westland design and designed a 66" span model that flies as good as it looks. Spitfire Mk.V – This, his third Spitfire design is Tony Nijhuis at his best. The 72" span Mk.V suits a 1.20 four-stroke, 26cc petrol engine or electric power. Don't forget the 46" span Spitfire 62" span Spitfire Cosmic Wind – The quick-build, 38.5" span, cheeky pint-sized racer is perfect for that .25 two-stroke and a simple electric conversion should be perfectly straightforward. Midget Mustang – Complementing the Cosmic Wind, this cheeky take on the classic racer again suits a .25 two-stroke and flies beautifully. Hawker Typhoon – Hawker's classic fighter-bomber is brought to life by Tony Nijhuis. This electric powered, 62" span machine is for .50 – .60 size i.c. powerplants or electric equivalent.

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