RCM&E May 2014 issue preview


LIBELLE – Andy Ellison tests the little glider designed to bring affordable DLG to the masses

TARANIS – PT.2 – Chris Bott explores telemetry capabilities and unveils a little electronics project

YAK 54 – E-flite have revised their impressive aerobat, added AS3X and let David Ashby loose with it

BF-109F-2 – The first Axis warbird from Hangar-9


BRONCO – Cyril Carr models North American’s unusual twin. Click here for Cyril's build pics


SWITCH ON – Lots of news including a new club, Mr Machinchy’s travels, new model businesses and the return of Keil Kraft

COUNTERPOINT – Broken your new model? Try these for size

ALL WRITE – Have your say in the UK’s best-selling model flying mag!

GOING PLACES – What’s on across the land through April and May

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MILITARY SCALE – Whittaker pops across the Pennines for an early Spring warbird fix

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HOVERING ABOUT – Sage advice regarding heli switch settings, idle-up and keeping it all in one piece

YOUR TURN – TIPSY JUNIOR – Dave Richardson takes us back to a hidden jewel in the emerging post war sport aviation market

MAN OF THE CLOTH – Frightened of glass covering? Danny Fenton shows how it’s done

GOING GLOW – Fuel, lubrication, plugs and engine selection – Steve Hargreaves has it all covered in his guide to i.c.

THERMAL SOARING – PT.5 It’s time to get one up and find those thermals

ELECTRIC AVENUE – PT.2 Electrical resistance isn’t futile, as Andrew Gibbs proves

MODEL MAGIC – FURIA CUBANA! An exclusive snapshot of Graham Buchanan’s latest marvel

SHORT FINALS – Mr DB himself, Eddie Stocker


WEEKENDERS – Whittaker’s winter projects start to bear fruit as hinging takes centre-stage

FLY ELECTRIC – Nigel Hawes considers more new products and gets hooked on a neat little scratch-build

WIZARD OF OZ – Engines don’t appreciate foreign bodies as Brian Winch reveals

TOTALLY TRADITIONAL – Pete Lowe gets to grips with the sharp end of his Bristol Freighter

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