RCM&E Special issue 2017 preview!


Tony Nijhuis has revisited his 2015 design for a 42" Hawk and scaled it up by 18%; squeezing in HobbyKing's 12-bladed 90mm EDF has delivered a power increase that more than offsets the weight penalty of a 50in-span


BAe Hawk

Tony Nijhuis’ 50in EDF Hawk is nearly a fifth bigger than his original, and twice as powerful. But which does he prefer? 


More than a micro-sized F3A-type pattern ship, Sprite is a gentleman's accessory, indispensable on safari


Control authority

Are you making the most of your transmitter's programming potential? David Burton explains how rates, expo’, and modes can take the load off the pilot

Solid state advice

Ensuring that your radio system is safe, says Colin Strauss, means choosing and using every link in the RC chain with care 


Friendly rivalry 

Club competitions: a light-hearted challenge will bring members together for some fun and flying

The Bowden: A quirky affair

Alex Whittaker holds his breath at The Bowden, a jewel in the crown of free-flight competitions

A grand day out

Phil Charlesworth and Greg Rumpf tell you how begin packing for a cracking adventure in rocketry; bring your own cheese

Knowledge is power

Fancy trying your hand with a turbine? Take an air experience flight with Graham Ashby, who taps the dials and offers a handful of hints to help you on your way


A brush with success

Alex Whittaker peels the masking tape off his first attempts at airbrushing

A man & his lathe

A lathe can be a modeller's best friend, offering the means to make bespoke parts

Radial realism

Add scale realism to your radial engine with a collector- ring exhaust

‘Quiet(er) revolutions

A simple, low-cost mod’ to quieten petrol engine exhausts with no power penalty


Das letzte interview

Bringing the FW190 back to life: Claus Colling's final interview about FlugWerk is a story of chance, determination, and an Englishman called Arthur Bentley

Half a world away

Brian Winch takes a road trip in search of the character (and characters) of the Australian RC scene

MPX EasyGlider 4

“How do you improve a motor glider that has already become a modern classic?” David Ashby reviews the latest EasyGlider

Real Flair

Graham Ashby takes an close look at the qualities that make each and every Flair Scout a distinct personality

A moment in time

Daniel Riedweg describes the journey leading to the moment of truth at the F4 World Champs – the judges’ verdict

Heavy metal

For many RC flyers, large warbirds are the holy grail, but with ownership comes oversight from the powers that be…


Cheer up, there's life after the Special 

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