Say hello to RCM&E’s new July 2014 issue!



Prolific Pete Lowe rolls another traditional build into the spring sunshine for it’s pre-flight photo shoot. The delightful DB Auster features an authentic bungee-sprung undercarriage, cockpit detail and gorgeous period colour scheme. See more in Pete’s Totally Traditional column.


DIAMOND 1100 – Mike Freeman entertains the Diamond motor glider family’s latest arrival

STEPCRAFT – One-on-one with a desktop CNC cutting machine for the homebuilder

FLICK 3D – Hacker’s appropriately titled 3D aerobat

VIPERJET 720 – An extremely compact EDF jet from Graupner

STUNTMASTER – The sneaky new arrival from Multiplex


REDEAGLE – Easy to build and fly, Ton Van Munsteren’s new 2m e-glider is a relaxing soarer and great club competition tool. Check out Ton's photo build blog.


SWITCH ON – A full round up along with the result of our really big radio popularity poll

COUNTERPOINT – ……and you thought you had enough stuff? Ha!

ALL WRITE – You make it what it is so have your say in Britain’s best-selling (by a country mile) model flying mag!

GOING PLACES – It’s summer for heaven’s sake so get out there!

MARKETPLACE – Sell it quick with out FREE reader ad’s – when we say ‘free’ obviously you’ll have to pay the seller when you buy something….


BEHIND THE WIRE – Whittaker talks his way into RAFMAA’s exclusive fly-in

SUBSCRIBE! – …and grab a FREE Power Panel, yep free, a freebie, gratis, on the house…..

WHAT GOES UP – Why the Spit turned out the way it did and why model flying tyros shouldn’t be flying one any time soon

THERMAL SOARING – Steve Dorling is back with thermal sniffing suggestions

BUILD-A-PLANE WORKSHOP PT.2 – Nigel Hawes completes the wing and tackles the fuselage as the project starts to take shape

NAZI STOL – Fieseler’s quirky Storch still fascinates and Chris Harle’s fine facsimile is no exception

ELECTRIC AVENUE – Andrew Gibbs is back with another instalment of no-nonsense electric flight advice

PARTING SHOT – Sometimes bad things happen


ON SILENT WINGS – Simon Cocker kicks off his 2014 slope campaign

PERFECT TRAINER – SebArt’s Shark has Hawes dropping jaws

JET THRUST – Bob Petrie explains why jets make perfect camera ships

WEEKENDERS – Are you an old timer still pining for an M-Series or that faithful Skyleader? Whittaker can help

TOTALLY TRADITIONAL – Pete Lowe delivers project updates and visits a model shop

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