The Schubeler BAe Hawk (EDF)


The long anticipated wait for the high-end, electric ducted fan (EDF) powered Schubeler BAE Hawk is over as a number of kits have just arrived in the UK.

The BAE Hawk was originally developed by Benedikt von Arx for Schubeler. He designed a beautiful semi-scale model for their 90 mm ducted fan DS-51-DIA 3-ph. The model’s construction is very high quality with a multitude of detail including rivets and panel lines. Wing and stabs are built as a 100% honeycomb sandwich. The fuselage consists of a multilayer laminate made of aircraft-grade glass cloth. The result is an ‘extraordinary lightweight model with excellent flight qualities’.



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  • Manufacturer – Schubeler (Germany)
  • Scale – 1:8
  • Wingspan – 1.210 mm
  • Fuselage length – 1.465 mm
  • Wing area with fuselage center section – 29,95 dm²
  • Wing load at 3400g – 113,5 g/m²
  • Battery – 8s Li-Po
  • Weight – between 3.200 and 3.800g (depending on drive system and accessories)

    Other new items from Schubeler to arrive are three new ducted fans, DS 26, DS 44, and DS75, as well as six different plug and play complete fan/motor/speedo combos all featuring the Schubeler fan units.

    The UK distributor is Al’s Hobbies – tel:01908 313142 or see
    click here
    to go straight to the Al’s website.

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