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Macgregor Industries have released a service advisory notice to all JR DSX-9 owners –

“Late last year a potential issue was identified with the stick wiring of JR X9303 2.4GHz transmitters. The X9303 is the American version of the DSX9. The MacGregor/JR DSX9 was modified to make it CE compliant. In the X9303, the wires attached to the left-hand stick potentiometer (as viewed from the back of the set, with the rear case removed) may come into contact with the voltage regulator mounted in the back of the transmitter. The wires can become chaffed and, in extreme circumstances, the insulation can be worn through. The US distributor issued a service bulletin to show US modellers how to modify their sets.

As soon as we became aware of this wiring issue, we checked with JR and were informed that the DSX9 stick wiring is different from the X9303 and the wires are routed to avoid touching the regulator edge. So no service notice was thought necessary.


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However, it has just been brought to our attention that some DSX9 transmitters are exhibiting the same symptoms, with chaffed stick wiring. So as a precautionary measure, we recommend that the left-hand stick potentiometer wires are re-routed on all MacGregor/JR DSX9 transmitters purchased from MacGregor Industries before 8th January 2009, as per the following instructions. Transmitters sold after this date are already modified and will have either their wiring re-routed, or a plastic cover fitted over the voltage regulator. They are identified by a small, round blue sticker on the box and at the base of the Tx. Blue stickered radios do not require any further action.
Please note that although this is a simple procedure, great care must be taken when reassembling the transmitter case so as to avoid damaging the wiring looms inside the transmitter.

If you do not feel confident to do this, please return your transmitter to the retailer who supplied it. Many retailers will be happy to perform this task for you (although you may have to leave it with them for a short while, especially if they are busy). Some retailers may choose to return the set to us to make the necessary modification. This Service Notice does not affect JR PCM9X, PCM9XII or PCM9XII Limited 35MHz transmitters.

The JR website has full information including a step-by-step guide for owners wishing to modify their own transmitters. The following weblink has more information –


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