Spektrum launch a new receiver!


The latest Spektrum receiver is a six channel, ultra light, dual unit that offers all the features and specifications that are found on its bigger brothers the 7 and 9 channel receivers.

The new AR6200 unit is a full range receiver that features the full DSM2 technology whilst still only weighing in at a mere 10g. With small physical
dimensions, it should be easy to install in a model making it the ideal receiver for a vast range of both fixed wing and rotary aircraft where small size and light weight are an advantage.

Sturdily constructed in a tough plastic case, this receiver is at home in the fun flyer or larger fuel and electric powered models, whilst it is still strong enough to withstand all the rough and tumble associated with 3D manouevers.


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The AR6200 uses the customary Spektrum dual link technology that simultaneously gathers the information being transmitted from the transmitter in its two receivers. These two independent packets of information are then processed and combined by the software inside the AR6200 to give the most vivid picture of the RF picture possible in any receiver on the market today. This offers the pilot a much more con-DSM2 technology.

This new unit should be available in the UK now and is available from all Horizon Hobby UK dealers.


  • Channels – 6
  • Modulation – DSM2
  • RF band – 2.4GHz
  • Weight – 10g
  • Voltage range – 3.5v to 9.6v
  • Dimensions (WxLxH) – 21.6mm (0.85”) x 30.1mm (1.18”) x 12.3mm (.48”)
  • Retail price – £54.99
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