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Clearly inspired by Multiplex's slightly smaller Blizzard, the 61" span Blaze is a new RTF design from ST Model and distributed in the UK by Ripmax.
It's moulded using a tightly packed, smooth skin EPO foam and supplied in one of four versions. The' receiver ready' variant (pictured) is likely to be the most popular – pop in your receiver and 3S 2200mAh Li-Po and you're ready to fly. The model includes four pre-fitted micro servos, a 30-amp ESC, motor, prop and spinner while assembly should take no more than a couple of hours, decal application being the longest step.
First impressions are good. Airflow cooling over the ESC and battery has been considered and taken care of and the v-tail servos can be easily removed and replaced if needs be. There's plenty of carbon reinforcement in evidence both in the strong wings and fuselage too.
With a street price at around £110, this version seems to be proving popular and although opinions convererge on the fact that this is no hotliner, a pleasant flying, fast and smooth warmliner it certainly is though. 
Check out the forum user links below and if you've flown then model then why not share your thoughts?
You can also leave your own review of the Blaze in our database using the link below.   


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