Two new Spektrum receivers unveiled


Small enough?

Horizon Hobby UK are shortly to distribute two new Spektrum 2.4gHz receivers that should be on UK shop shelves very soon – the AR6300 and its big brother the AR9100.

Effectively a small circuit board with connectors attached and designed for slow flyers, the tiny 6-channel AR6300 weighs in at 2g and employs the DSM2 system. The JST connecters are compatible with Spektrum’s programmable DSP60J Digital Super Sub-Micro Servo. Dimensions are (WxLxH) 18.35mm x 28.55mm x 7.06mm, the voltage range is 3.5v-9.6v and the antenna length is 30mm. The unit retails at £44.99.


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At the opposite end of, the 9-channel AR9100 is a full-range receiver system that can be used with any type and size of model aircraft but particularly for models using multiple servos that draw excess current or multiple high-torque servos that would feature in giant-scale planes and jet models. It features a robust power bus designed to manage high-current loads, as well as two battery input leads with EC3 connectors for use with larger packs.

This makes it possible to support high-current systems straight through the AR9100 without the need for a separate power system. As an added measure of safety the unit has a soft switch – servo current is routed around the switch so, should it fail for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted. The unit retails at £134.99.


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