The Typhoon plan error

Well, we’d like to extend our sincere apologies to readers who have bought our Special Issue only to find that the plan is incorrect. I should quickly add that the error isn’t the fault of designer Tony Nijhuis but occurred in-house when the design was transferred to our system. So what are we doing?

Well, any readers who buy the wood packs and/or canopies and cowl will receive or have received a copy of the correct plan with their order.

We have printed a coupon in the November issue of the magazine and readers who would like a copy of the plan need just send this in to us. Alternatively readers can use the email link below to request a copy. Please remember to include your name and address. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Update 9/10/07 Please allow a week or so for delivery, postal strike accepting, Thanks.

We are exploring the possibility of a new cowl for those who may have started building whilst unaware of the problem. The larger canopy can be cut down to size to fit the smaller airframe. The spinner should be fine with minor trimming too.

Update 25/10/07 The revised plans are going out to readers this week. Just a reminder for those who wish to purchase the wood packs, cowl and canopies etc. don’t forget you can call our plans dept on 01296 730691.

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