The Webbit builders have started!



It's on! The Webbit builders are busily….building and charting their progress in their build blogs. Some blogs reveal particular aspects of the process while others chart the complete sequence from kit box to flying model.

If you're new to traditional building then take advantage of this, the perfect opportunity to see how it's all done. The blogs reveal the many options available not least from power systems to covering.


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The Steve Webb Models Webbit has been chosen by forum members as the type to be built and it’s anticipated that, the models will be assembled with pictures and explanatory notes being posted up to 15th May.

The 40” span sport design was also featured by Nigel Hawes in his July and August 2010 Fly Electric columns in RCM&E and suits a 10-20 size i.c. engine while a simple electric conversion is perfectly possible.

The semi-kit is, cheap, easy to build and if you’re still looking for an excuse, Webbies have offered to make a £5 charity donation for every one they sell.


A 'mass fly' will follow the online builds and there’s no better place than the friendly Greenacres RCM&E Summer Fly-In which takes place over the weekend of 25th and 26th June at the Greenacres Walsall based flying site. Camping facilities are available and full details are here while pics and videos from 2010 are here.

Don't forget to head across to the Webbit forum area to keep up to date with the progress.


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