We're moving to a new platform...

As you may be aware, this site and forum will be migrated to a new platform very soon. There are several reasons for this with mobile device compatibility improvements being just one.

The new forum will be based on Invision, a popular and flexible platform. Many of you may already visit forums based on this and be familiar with their general operation. Your moderators have been playing with the new beta site over the last few days and can report that although, inevitably, there are some differences in appearance and modus operandi, we think the improvements are obvious and will be appreciated. Photo uploads for instance are just a click and drag affair.

Importantly, all historic posts and photos will come across to the new site. But... there's a lot of stuff to migrate and means there will be a gap of 2-3 days during which time this forum will freeze and the new site will be populated, checked and tested.

The provisional timeline is:

Thu/Fri 4/5th Feb - forum data moved across. This forum frozen.

Fri, Sat, Sun 5/6/7 Feb - new forum populated and tested.

Mon, Tue 8th and 9th - new site/forum open.

I'm sorry that the temporary freeze is necessary but I hope everyone will consider it worthwhile. I think they very much will when they start to use the new platform. If the dates shift I'll let you all know and I'll update you all here nearer the time too. The web address will remain the same. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding and we'll see you on the new platform! 


Malcolm Fisher's picture

The new format seems very bright but for an old fogie like me is difficult to navigate. How do I get to subscribers posts?
When checking my account, it appears that I have only been a member for just over two weeks. How can that be?

John Wagg's picture

Signed on the new website but it won't let me use the forum. =

Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
I'm using Opera browser.

Kevin Wesley's picture

Hi Guys, Love the new look site, but i cant seem to change page on the forum. I click on subsequent page number, or "next" but i just end up back at the top of the page i'm already on. Is it me, or a problem ?

Malcolm Fisher's picture

When logging in there was a very brief request for something about setting my time zone. I don't know exactly what it said because it vanished before I could read it let alone act on it. My last comment was timed at sometime during the morning when I didn't boot up my PC until the evening. This evening' comment is also showing a morning time. Please help sort this out as I very rarely have my PC operative before my evening meal.

PaulH's picture

I know my password was correct, because I've logged in automatically for years. Now I got an error saying incorrect password or username so I requested a change of password. Receive email with temporary link to my account and note the old password is miraculously the exact same length as the one just rejected. Also note that my photo had disappeared and I've left it blank until I've time to search through my picture files for the one I would like to continue using. I made a new password and hope the rest of the sites work somewhat better. General comment:Pages maddeningly full of on and off flashing photos and advertisements, navigation aids with incredibly tiny print, even on a 25in iMac screen.