Category: Building Techniques

  • Glue Guide

    Glue Guide

    YOU WILL NEED: 1. A well ventilated room 2. A variety of cyano glues 3. Materials (wood, plastic etc.) on which […]

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  • Building Renaissance

    Building Renaissance

    The plan for Renaissance is one of the FREE pull-out plans with RCM&E's July 2018 issue.  Having created a plan, […]

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  • Little Black Boxes

    Little Black Boxes

    Servos are the muscle power in our models. All servos do the same job, they’re sent a signal from the […]

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  • Lozenge de-livery

    Lozenge de-livery

    I often found myself in awe at the occasionally outrageous colour schemes adopted by the more flamboyant pilots of the […]

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  • Back to basics

    Back to basics

    1. Most standard servos come with a set of four rubber grommets, brass ferrules and fixing screws. Also included is […]

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  • Learning your lines

    Learning your lines

    This month we’re going to put some flesh on the bones by designing the fuselage, wings and tailplane. THE FUSELAGE […]

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  • Cutting a Cowl

    Cutting a Cowl

    YOU WILL NEED: 1. A mini drill or similar rotary drilling tool complete with cutting bit attachment. 2. Small needle files, fine […]

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  • Real Men Don’t Sew!

    Real Men Don’t Sew!

    Hinge Thing These days when we need to hinge a control surface such as an elevator, aileron, or rudder, we […]

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  • Soldering on

    Soldering on

    The last time we were gathered here I signed off by promising to show you how to make a perfect […]

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  • Don’t bin it, fix it! Pt.2

    Don’t bin it, fix it! Pt.2

    You’d be surprised just how much damage a model can sustain and still be repairable. Take the club member who […]

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