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  • Real Men Don’t Sew!

    Real Men Don’t Sew!

    Hinge Thing These days when we need to hinge a control surface such as an elevator, aileron, or rudder, we […]

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  • Soldering on

    Soldering on

    The last time we were gathered here I signed off by promising to show you how to make a perfect […]

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  • Don’t bin it, fix it! Pt.2

    Don’t bin it, fix it! Pt.2

    You’d be surprised just how much damage a model can sustain and still be repairable. Take the club member who […]

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  • Don’t bin it, fix it!

    Don’t bin it, fix it!

    The trouble with today’s ARTF culture is that flyers who’ve never built a model from scratch don’t know how to […]

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  • Under pressure

    Under pressure

    Okay, confession time. In the decade or so that I’ve been designing and scratch-building sport-scale models, one of the key […]

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  • Constructing the perfect joint

    Constructing the perfect joint

    YOU WILL NEED: 1. Balsa for longerons and uprights (6 x 6mm pictured). 2. Balsa for gussets (in this instance, 6mm sheet […]

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  • True to Life

    True to Life

    Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I couldn’t believe it was time to put pen to paper again and […]

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  • Question of balance

    Question of balance

    A subject that draws many questions within our hobby concerns propellers. How to balance them correctly, how to test the balance, […]

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  • Inextricably Linked

    Inextricably Linked

    YOU WILL NEED: 1. A servo, complete with fixings and a plastic servo arm. 2. A control surface horn and its screw […]

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  • Aermacchi AM.3C Build photo’s

    Aermacchi AM.3C Build photo’s

    Cyril Carr's Semi scale sportster is designed primarily for beginners but is also a platform for those uninitiated in the […]

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