Category: Building Techniques

  • Wrap it up!

    Wrap it up!

    My home-brew winter project has reached the stage where the woodwork is essentially complete, bar some final gluing up, and […]

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  • Second Time Around

    Second Time Around

    My first rubber powered autogyro inspired by S.R.Crow's record-breaking design from the 1930s. This article was first published in 2005. […]

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  • Wiring for the masses

    Wiring for the masses

    Visit any flying site and you’ll notice that, whether i.c. or electric powered, the majority of models being flown are […]

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  • Fancy making your own servo extension leads?

    Fancy making your own servo extension leads?

    Whatever you fly these days, you'll be needing plenty of these! It doesn't matter what we fly, whether own-designs, kits […]

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  • Finishing School

    Finishing School

    Well, the YT International Bf 109 that I reviewed in RCM&E is clocking up the air miles, and it’s all […]

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  • Brushing up!

    Brushing up!

    The fruits of my labours, not perfect I'll readily confess but far better than I had expected Airbrushes have always […]

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  • Mass Build 2014

    Mass Build 2014

    The Mini Tyro is just one of the choices. Welcome to Mass Build 2014 – the annual group building project […]

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  • Sticky Stuff

    Sticky Stuff

    There can be no denying that Expanded Poly Propylene (EPP) has completely transformed the slope soaring scene since it was […]

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  • Foam Fing – can you make something of it?

    Foam Fing – can you make something of it?

    Now for something a little different. The story goes like this….. ….when sorting through his late father's model flying items […]

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  • Bent into shape

    Bent into shape

    Here's what we're aiming to achieve…. A mate of mine was looking at one of my battered home-brew models in […]

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