Category: Building Techniques

  • Ups and Downs

    Ups and Downs

    This article was first published in 2005. Designing a scale model such my Cessna Bobcat is an ongoing process. Generating […]

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  • Let us spray

    Let us spray

    I’d been itching to get some paint on my Cessna Bobcat, which was adorned with rib stitching and pinking tapes. […]

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  • DIY Decals?

    DIY Decals?

    If you've ever wonder how to go about creating your own decals then Chris, aka Big Bandit on the forum […]

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  • Hinging up!

    Hinging up!

      Tools for the job – Robart centre finder for pin hinges and drill, the other is a Dubro hinge […]

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  • Printing Plans

    Printing Plans

    * It is your responsibility to have proper virus scanners and firewalls in place before downloading and opening files from […]

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  • Ever wondered where to get EPP and Depron?

    Ever wondered where to get EPP and Depron?

    This is Dave's new Ultimate bipe – it'll be a free plan in RCM&E very soon. We're grateful to Dave […]

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  • Skin Deep – Pt.2

    Skin Deep – Pt.2

    Fig.1 Welcome back. In part.1 we looked at preparation so let’s get covering.  PANEL GAMES The wings, tail surfaces, and […]

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  • Skin Deep – Pt.1

    Skin Deep – Pt.1

    Available in a whole range of colours, Solarfilm is easy to apply once you’ve mastered a few basics. Over the […]

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  • Batteries demystified – part.2

    Batteries demystified – part.2

    There’s life beyond the Li-Po as these cell types continue to prove In part.1 we looked at the popular and […]

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  • Batteries demystified – part.1

    Batteries demystified – part.1

    This is the first in a two-part article all about cells and batteries; the various types, how to choose and […]

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