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  • STOL Mk.2

    STOL Mk.2

    This article was published to accompany the STOL Mk.2 plan publication in October 1983. A new CNC kit and wood […]

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  • Twirl Autogyro

    Twirl Autogyro

    This plan was published in 2006 and can be purchased at the RCM&E plans service. I first became interested in […]

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  • SWOT


    The SWOT plan is £9.95 and can be purchased via the RCM&E plans service. Ok, you’ve made the decision to start […]

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  • Miss Lizzy

    Miss Lizzy

    Many years ago I designed a model for 1.5cc diesels called Tequila Sunrise. This was based on the big Bendix […]

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  • Fieseler Storch

    Fieseler Storch

    This article was first published in 2005. The plan can be purchased from RCM&E's plans service. The model here was […]

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  • Kestrel Autogyro

    Kestrel Autogyro

    The Kestrel plan can be purchased at In aviation’s short but fruitful genealogy, the story of the autogyro is […]

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  • Maricardo


        The Maricardo plan can be purchased at This article was first published in 2003. It’s the era […]

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  • Super Dart Mk.9

    Super Dart Mk.9

    This plan and article were first published in 2001, see below for plan details.  Ever since the first R/C Dart […]

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  • Spitfire Mk.22

    Spitfire Mk.22

      This plan article was first published in 2003 Electric flight technology has advanced rapidly since and it is suggested […]

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  • Basic 3D

    Basic 3D

      Please note that this article was first published over two issues in 2006. The Basic 3D plan, laser/cnc kit parts […]

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