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  • Airbus 400M by Tony Nijhuis

    Airbus 400M by Tony Nijhuis

    To order the Airbus plan, mouldings and/or CNC wood pack go to Given the huge success of the Airbus […]

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  • Toot Sweet

    Toot Sweet

    You can buy the Toot Sweet plan at About ten years ago I designed a 25″ span biplane that flew […]

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  • Lacey M10

    Lacey M10

    You can order the Lacey M10 plan at When Joe Lacey designed and built his little M.10 back in […]

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  • Whizzza


    The Whizzza plan can be purchased at My Hobby Whizzza is a 42″ span, direct descendent of my 32″ span Fizza featured […]

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  • Zero and Corsair

    Zero and Corsair

    This is the fourth in my dogfight double series, and one that, quite frankly, Ive been itching to do. Since […]

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  • Aerovan


        Fast and furious… no, that doesn't describe the model, merely the way this design went from drawing board […]

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  • Hawker Typhoon

    Hawker Typhoon

    The plan, wood pack and mouldings for this model can be purchased at Click here to go to the […]

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  • Edge 540

    Edge 540

    The Edge 540 plan or Dec 2008 back issue can be purchased at I’ve always had a soft spot […]

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  • Limit EX

    Limit EX

    The Limit EX plan can be purchased at Many moons ago, I was out slope soaring, when one of the […]

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  • Fizza by Nigel Hawes

    Fizza by Nigel Hawes

    The Fizza plan can be purchased at As electric motors get more powerful and efficient, and battery capacities go […]

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