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  • Scottish Aviation Pioneer

    Scottish Aviation Pioneer

    The Pioneer plan can be purchased at One of the unsung heroes of British military aviation the Pioneer first flew […]

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  • Funterceptor


    The Funterceptor plan can be purchased at It’s funny how ideas for new designs come about. Whilst using a […]

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  • DH Vampire

    DH Vampire

    The DH Vampire plan and canopy can be purchased at Some of you may be thinking, “I’m sure I’ve […]

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  • EZE-Fan


    The Eze-Fan plan can be purchased at along with the canopy moulding. Back issues (July 2007) containing the plan […]

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  • The ‘Nijhuis’ Midget Mustang and Cosmic Wind

    The ‘Nijhuis’ Midget Mustang and Cosmic Wind

    Update 7/7/09 – We’ve just noticed a printing error in the latest August issue of RCM&E relating to the pricing […]

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  • Piwakawaka – a pint sized aerobat!

    Piwakawaka – a pint sized aerobat!

    The Piwakawaka plan can be purchased at I spent two fantastic months during 2004 touring New Zealand – a country […]

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  • Apollo


    You can purchase the Apollo plan at After many years spent flying in Kent, I retired to Dorset and […]

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  • Sonerai


    The Sonerai plan is £9.95 at I wanted a model for winter flying, the requirement being that it should fit […]

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  • Tornado


    The Tornado plan and mouldings can be purchased at Please note that the article below is published to assist those building […]

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  • Hoehnia


    Got a spare .15? What are you waiting for! The Hoehnia plan is just £5.95 at October 2001. Shortening days […]

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